Almost all your correspondence during your time at Royal Roads will be through email.  Whether it be email notifications from Moodle, quick emails between team members or notifications from RRU staff, much of your time will be spent managing your email.

RRU does not recommend one software over another, but we do recommend that you use something you are already familiar with. 

  • Gmail - Although this is not "software", this free online email service can be the most flexible option since it means you can access your email at anytime.
  • Outlook - This email client comes with most versions of MS Office.  It is usually installed at the same time that MS Word, MS Excel and other MS Office software packages are installed.
  • Outlook Express - This email client is a free download component of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Download IE 7.0 and it will automatically install Outlook Express.
  • Thunderbird - Firefox's email client - also a free download.

Please see this page for additional information on how email works at RRU.

*RRU does not endorse nor support the 3rd party applications listed above.  The apps and software listed above are suggestions only and should be used at your own discretion.