There are many online applications and services that staff and faculty require when they are away from our campus as many of these services are not available outside of our network. In order to connect to campus so that you can access those applications or services, you'll need to connect to our network remotely.

To access remote desktop connection, please note that you will need to use as the computer name.

Access Scenarios

Access fromConnect viaNetwork
On campusLog on to a computer lab terminalRRU
On campus using wifiLog on to remote desktopRRU via Sentinel
Off campusLog on to remote desktopRRU via Sentinel

Appropriate use of shared resources

While in Sentinel, please keep the following in mind so that you are not tying up resources and preventing someone else from working:

  • Run video/multimedia in your own browser - running video/multimedia uses a significant amount of resources.  In consideration of your colleagues who are also using Sentinel, please run video/multimedia in your own browser.
  • Log off Sentinel if you need to go away from your computer so that the resource is feed up for someone else to use
  • Having multiple tabs open in a browser consumes CPU resources - please keep the number of open browser tabs to a minimum

What to Expect

To Log in Remotely

Log Off (don't Disconnect)

Please be sure to log off Sentinel this way, when you're finished:

    • Right click on the Windows button
    • Slide up to "Shut down or sign out"
    • Click "Sign out"

Or, this way, if you tend to work in the tile view

    • Click on your picture or avitar
    • Choose "Sign out" from the list

The important thing is to log off, not disconnect.

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