In the past staff have requested "guest" computer accounts for short, on-campus courses or if a guest speaker needed an account for a very short time.  For security reasons, RRU no longer supports these "guest" accounts.  Instead we provide temporary computer accounts for each individual.

If you need computer accounts for staff, faculty, contractors, temporary employees from an agency or volunteers, you are in the wrong place.  Please see Add a CAMP Record for a NEW Staff-Faculty-Contractor etc. for information on how to request computer accounts for that group. This procedure is for accounts for a group of people.

Temporary student accounts will have the following access by default:

If a need for access to additional digital resources outside the default list, please include the details in the "Description" section of request.


Please submit your request at least 10 business days in advance of the start date when the temporary account(s) are required to allow time to process your request.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download and complete the file RRU-Temporary-Computer-Accounts-Request.csv (1 kb) with a list of the names of the people who require temporary computer network accounts, program or course name, and the email of the person requesting the accounts (Supervisor email).

Here is a sample:

    • Use the mixed case for names. For example, "John Doe" instead of "JOHN DOE".
    • The three pieces of info needs to be in 3 columns, not all in one column
    • Do not include middle names or initials
    • "Preferred name" is the first name they like to use. So their name might be Jeffery, but they like to go by the name Jeff, so please enter their name as "Jeff" in the preferred name column.
    • The Supervisor's email is the Royal Roads staff member that is sponsoring this request

2. Submit this to the Computer Services Help Desk via Get Help form.  

    1. Select "Academic Account" and "Temporary Account" under the "Which of our services is this about?" 
    2. Enter "Temporary computer network accounts" In the Summary field.
    3. In the Description field, please answer the following questions (you can copy/paste this right into the description and insert your answers if you find that helpful)

What is the name of the program using the accounts (ie. SEE-Leadership for the SEE program in the Leadership school or something similar).

What is the first date the accounts are needed?

What is the last date the accounts are needed?

Do you need mailboxes? (ie. RRU email addresses - this is not usually required for short term accounts)

Do you need free printing?  (if so, please provide your departmental cost centre so that we can bill back)

Do they need library access? (This must be approved by the librarian, Rosie Croft)

3. Attach the completed rrutemporaryaccounts.csv file to the request

Screenshot showing completed fields of request

4. Once the account(s) have been created, IT-Services will send you a MS Excel spreadsheet with the following information for the requested accounts:

    1. Name
    2. Username
    3. temporary password (system generated).  Users should change passwords when they first logon.