There are circumstances when a student may choose to take a leave of absence from their program.  The student should be aware that when "onleave" certain things will be disabled:

  • Access to most Library online resources is removed.
  • Access to Moodle and course material is removed
  • Access to restricted MyRRU content is removed.  The student can still access the MyRRU main page, but will be unable to log in to see content restricted to active students as well as content specific to that student.
  • Access to your Webmail is removed.  (See note below regarding email forwarding)
  • Will no longer receive course correspondence

Items that are not affected:

  • Access to MyAdmin is still available
  • Email forwarding will continue if it is enabled (default).  This means email sent to the student's Royal Roads email account will continue to be forwarded to the student's personal email account as defined in MyAdmin

If you have questions about your onleave status please contact the Registrar or your Program Associate.  For technical assistance, please contact Computer Services by phone, email or Online Request Form.  If you have questions about this library access policy you can contact the Library to discuss it further.