At Royal Roads, we understand that your desire to learn, connect, share and grow doesn’t stop at graduation. Royal Roads Connect is our online alumni engagement platform, where Royal Roads University graduates can reconnect with former classmates, learn about exclusive job opportunities and events, grow their network and advance their career in our global alumni community. Designed to provide support, connections, inspiration and lifelong learning, it will help our alumni take the power of our place every place.


Royal Roads Connect enables you to:

  • Connect : Find former classmates, stay in touch with faculty members and meet new alumni.
  • Share: Give advice, impart industry knowledge, provide mentorship and offer career opportunities.
  • Learn: Get advice, receive mentorship, view job openings, browse alumni/RRU events and find the latest university news.
  • Grow: Expand your network and advance your career through exclusive opportunities from your global alumni community.

Overview of service

Step-by-step guide

Signing up is easy and takes less than two minutes! You can sign up using your existing profile from LinkedIn or Facebook, or create a new profile using your email address. 

To join:

  1. Go to
  2. Create a profile
  3. RRU administrators confirm will your status and approve your request to join within 3 business days.
  4. When you receive approval, log in and start connecting!

Our administrators will approve your request to join (usually within 3 business days) once confirming your status as one of our alumni

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