Staff may scan to email on any Multi-Function Printer (MFP).  Please note that you can choose to scan in colour or black and white on any MFP.  (You do not need to use a colour printer to scan to colour).

If you're having trouble scanning and emailing items check the following:

  • Check the email address you've input ( I know, I know but check it anyway, this is the single most frequent cause of trouble)
  • How big is the scan job you're trying to attach and email?  if it's 20 or 30 pages it's possible the email attachment is too big for the mail system you're sending to so try scanning a couple of pages at a time and see if that works.  Please remember our maximum email size is 10mb uncompressed, but PDF documents are compressed so any email over 7mb will probably be too big.  (The more white space on the page the smaller the scanned document size however a lot of text/images = a larger size, which means scan a smaller number of pages)
  • Check the copier for error messages on the display or for an error page printed out.  This can offer a clue to what the problem is.

If this doesn't help you resolve the problem then contact Computer Services by phone, email or Online Request Form and be prepared to provide details of the problem including the email address you are trying to send to and the time of the failed attempt(s) so that we can investigate. 

Specific instructions for the Library and LIC Business Centre Copier are laminated and posted on both machines.  These same instructions are linked below:

Using the Library student copier

Using the LIC Business Centre copier