In Outlook

The Online Archive is searchable in the same manner as your regular mailbox via the Search tool in Outlook. 

  • If you’re using Outlook 2010, you can search your mailbox and the archive at the same time - click in the Search bar in Outlook
  • The Search tab appears – from there, click on All Outlook Items in the Scope section
  • Note that the Search bar changes appearance, and now shows that results will be arranged by ‘Outlook Data File’
  • Here’s an example of a search, returning results in a mailbox and the archive

In Webmail

If you’re using Outlook Web Access (webmail), you can only search the mailbox or archive one at a time;

  • if you want to search the archive you have to click on it first
  • Then click in the Search bar at the top middle part of your screen and enter your search parameters