Before trying to change the settings, there are a couple of things to verify:

  • The version of your Outlook client
  • That there’s nothing “extra” installed/plugged in to your Outlook (ie. CRM)
  • Whether or not your phone is connected through your computer

And two things to try, in this order:

  1. Uncheck the option to “download shared folders” 
  2. And after we’ve tested to see if that solved the problem (ie. If it did not), then we’ll create a new profile for you and test that

So, if those have been checked and it did not solve the problem, it is safe to make changes so that the mail client settings looks like those shown in the screenshots below:

  1. Messages sent from Alysha’s email goes to Alysha’s ‘sent’ items
  2. Messages sent from Exam’s email goes to Exam’s ‘sent’ items
  3. Caching is on

Change the settings to look like this: