General Info

These tv only displaying what is running on a Windows 7 box that is connected to the back of the tv. You can connect to these units remotely to restart the service or clear an error message. Note that we don’t upload or edit the content that is for University Services ( business owner ) or Library ( Paris ).

The product that handles the display is called Xibo. The product runs on a Linux virtual server you can access the product and to find the IP address of the client computer but logging to the following webpage.

Username           xibo_admin

Password            p3ac0ck

Select the Display tab along the top to view the current displays.

Current displays

L15D045-TVDis1 ( reserved ip ) is in the LIC main entrance closest to the main doors.

L15D046-TVDis2 ( reserved ip ) opposite wall from the other 2 ( closer to lab )

L15D147-TVDis3 ( reserved ip ) is in the LIC main entrance closest to the Reception desk.

L15D020-Tvdis4 ( not reserved ip ) is currently our hot spare.

LIC-1 ( ) is currently located with Dranna Brown.

There are 7 in total, to see the IP addresses and names of the rest, please connect to the server.


Trouble shooting.


If the display is not working log on to the unit remotely through its ip using VNC or other client to determine if there are any error messages. Clear any error messages that might be there.

Close any power point and close the Xibo client. Try restarting the Xibo client it will take a few seconds for the power point presentation to start running.  If it error out on running the presentation do a full reboot of the unit and try again.

If the presentation still errors out an update to Windows may have re written a registry enter that you will need to fix before the power point will run properly.

Navigate to c:\o-Digitalsign on the computer and run “pp2” file ( this will modify the registry ) you should get some prompts warning you about modifying the registry just say ok and yes. Restart the xibo client and check that it is running normally.

You normal account will also work on these computers or you can login with local account it noramally runs using the Xibo_user account.

User      xibo_user        ( local account  there is also an xibo_admin account on the boxes if you need high rights )

Password            p3ac0ck11

If you need more info on Xibo here is a link.