Token Management

A token is a unique key that allows the student to access the survey without having to log in to the survey site. It is their 'key' to respond to the survey.  The token management area provides tools for sending initial survey invitations as well as reminders (as many as you think are necessary without bugging the student too much). It also allows us to see who has responded to the survey, who needs reminding and when we last sent them a reminder.

Token files are created for each course offering 14 days in advance of the course start date and are stored in the O://Communities/Staff/LimeSurvey_Resources folder. 

Course token files are updated daily so will capture any late registration or changes. You can re-upload them anytime prior to starting the survey.

Here's how to set up the tokens that will be emailed to each student so they can respond to the survey.

Select the 'token' icon as shown below.

'Initialize tokens' by selecting the button as shown.

This creates the token table to store the students names and whether or not they've responded.

You'll then see the Token Management area of the survey

Next - see how to upload the student's names and email addresses and then generate the tokens.