If you are having trouble making a payment online in the MyAdmin site, here are some trouble-shooting tips to help you.

  • The most common issues is that the credit card information is incorrect.  Please pay particular attention to your card numberexpiry dateCard Verification Number (CVN) and name on the card. (American Express cards - your CVN number is on the front, all other card, the CVN number is usually on the back).
  • The second most common issue is to please make sure you have enough money on the credit card.  If you are near your limit, the credit card company can decline the payment even tho it may appear to have money on it.  Sometimes there can be pending transactions that will not show in online banking, but will still prevent you from adding a purchase.  The best way to find out why it was declined is to contact your credit card company.
  • While talking to the credit card company also check the following:
    • Some credit card agreements block international purchases.  If you live outside of Canada, please verify with your credit card company to make sure you are permitted to make international purchases.
    • Some credit card agreements have a daily limit.  You might not be aware of this limit, but a call to your credit card company can answer this question.
  • When you try to submit your payment there is usually something on the screen that will tell you what is happening.  It is usually very small writing beside one of the items or it could be a sentence at the bottom or top of the screen that will give you some additional information.
  • A transaction for the exact amount as one you’ve just made may be blocked and display a message like “transaction declined” or something similar.  NOTE your credit card company may not even have a record of the attempt if you call them.  This is not a fault with RRUs Payment Online ( or with any other merchant’s payment system for that matter) the problem exists between the payment processing company and the credit card company.  Try the following as a work around
    • wait an hour or two and try again
    • try making your payment over the phone instead 
    • use a different card to complete the second transaction
  • Please use a desktop or laptop computer rather then a mobile device, to pay online. 
  • We recommend Firefox and Chrome browsers.  If you are using a mobile device and having some difficulties, please switch to a computer with one of the recommended browser.
  • If you continue to have difficulties, please clear your browser cache as this resolves many issues

If none of this helps, please contact Computer Services by phone, email or Online Request Form with the following information:

  • Type of card you are using
  • Browser you are using
  • Are you at work or at home?
  • Have you contacted your credit card company?