To upload the .csv file containing the students in your course that you want to survey, first ensure you have initialized tokens and are in the 'token management' section of your survey.

Select the '.CSV Import' icon

Token files are created for each course offering 14 days in advance of the course start date. Choose the file that corresponds to your course offering located here O://Communities/Staff/LimeSurvey_Resources/. 

Select 'Upload' once you've browsed and found your file. (Note: You may upload more than one token file if you are doing a Multiple Instructor survey).

You'll see a message indicating the upload was successful the number of records that were in the file.

You can view the students that were uploaded by selecting the 'Display tokens' icon.

It will look like this:

Note: the 'Email Status' column will show you if there are any emails that are not 'OK'.  If one of them bounces you will see it here and be able to contact the student to have them update their email forwarded address.

Next - Generate the tokens to send to the students.