The program length on a program page is incorrect.

Background information

Some information on the program page is fed automatically from Agresso, but program length is not included in this list. This information is manually entered by content editors in Marketing.


Marketing is responsible for editing the content on program pages. Please contact your Marketing Associate first to troubleshoot any issues related to content on program pages before submitting a ticket to Computer Services.


Contact your Marketing Associate and ask them to edit the webpage and update with the correct information.

Step by Step Instructions

To be completed by a Marketing Associate with the Marketing Editor and Moderator roles.

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your RRU username and password (You must have the appropriate permissions).
  3. Navigate to the program page that needs to be updated
  4. Select 'Edit' from the tabs navigation (in orange)
  5. Locate the section 'Program Details' > 'Program Length' and update the text:
  6. Save your changes and publish the latest revision.