What is Confidential Document?

It is a feature on my printers that allows you to send a document to the printer, however the printer will wait until you are at the printer physically and release the document.  

Why use confidential print?

  • First, so the confidential document that you printed doesn’t get accidentally picked up by someone else. You have an e-mail or memo that others shouldn’t see?  This will keep the print job on hold, on the printer, until you are at the printer to pick it up. This doesn’t stop other from printing normally or sending there own confidential documents.
  • You want to print on special paper and you don’t want to run down the hallway to try and get your expensive paper in the printer before someone else prints.  Or you don't was to ask every one not to print while you put special paper in the printer. You send the job "confidential" and then walk to the printer, call up your job, put the paper in the printer, and then release the job.
  • You want to print an envelope or some special size of paper. If you send a job that requires special sized paper like envelope, the printer normally will stop all printing and waits for the correct size of paper to put in.  This means that no one can print until you have put the paper in.  If the job is sent as confidential, printing continues normally and no one is waiting for you to come and clear your job from the printer. Helps keep your co-works happy.

Which printers support confidential printing?

  • All printers, both colour and black/white, have the ability now.
  • If you currently can print to a copier then it also has the ability to print confidential but the option could look quit different.  Some call it "secure print" or "lock print" depending on the manufacture of the copier.

 I understand.  How do I print a Confidential Document?

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