So, which name should be showing in the upper right hand corner?

  • Most people will want to ensure that it's their own name
  • Some people might want to click on the little down arrow to choose another name...  this would apply if you want to create a booking on behalf of someone else.  You can only choose someone else's name if you have been given permissions to "impersonate" that person.
  • Finally, some departments have an assigned generic kind of "person" and have agreed that certain bookings should be created using this generic "person".  For example, Computer Services has a generic person named "ComputerServices" that we use to create all bookings for laptops for maintenance.  Because we take turns dealing with the maintenance of the laptops, it's easiest for us to manage when we don't have to try to remember if Cecelia booked it, or Twila booked it or Tom booked it...   Program offices often have generic accounts that they use to book all things related to a residency, for example.  That makes it easiest for other people in the department to help out with adding and changing things as the need arises