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Twenty Fifteen is the default WordPress theme that has been activated on your WebSpace. It is a clean, blog focused design. The text is readable on a wide variety of screen sizes and is accessibility ready. More information can be found on the theme in the Codex. Twenty Fifteen uses Noto Serif and Noto Sans, two great fonts available from Google Fonts. The theme is a two column design that you can use to customize the look and feel of your WebSpace.


  1. Your First Theme
2. Layout of Theme3. Theme with Content

Default WebSpace with No Content



In this particular theme, the menu and widgets show up in the left side column and any you content you write will show up in the right side column.


  1. Header and Background Photos - You may need to re-select your photos. Each theme supports different locations, depending on the theme. 
  2. Colours - Make notes and write down any colours you want to keep.
  3. Custom Menus - You’ll want to reassign your Custom Menus to the locations you want them in the new theme. Each theme supports different locations, depending on the theme.
  4.  Widgets - Take a screenshot of your Widgets, you’ll want to make sure you get them in the right position and order in the new theme. Like Custom Menus, each theme supports different locations, depending on the theme.
  5.  Custom CSS - If applicable, the only thing that would not come with you is Custom CSS, it is theme specific.


Video: How To Choose A WordPress Theme


Widget Connector


Check out Customizing The Appearance Of Your WebSpace to continue customizing your chosen theme.


  • Look under Appearance, Themes, and type in “elegant themes” into the search box to see a filtered list.

Search for Elegant Themes



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