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If one drive is installed on a computer, the default installation adds the One Drive folder the the Favorites (Windows 7, Mac OS) or Quick Access (Windows 10) folder location in your Windows Explorer/MAC Finder application.

If you do not see this folder, it does not necessarily mean there is no files or folders on your OneDrive.  It just means the OneDrive is not syncing with this particular computer.  The default location to save files in Office 365 on a mobile device is OneDrive, so there could still be files there.

The best way to find ALL your OneDrive files, is to log into the Office Portal online and look at the contents of the folder online.

  • Log into the Office Portal here -
    • Remember to use your specific Office 365 username ( and Academic Account password (same as Moodle).  
  • Once logged in, click on the One Drive icon under Apps
  • This will open up a list of all files and folders stored in your OneDrive folder.  

You can download and save these files into another location by simply by selecting the file (or files) and clicking on the Download button.


If you have many folders/files, the it might be faster to install the OneDrive application on a computer, sync the files and then you can copy/move the files like any other files on your computer.

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