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Note: These instructions are for Lexmark devices.  For Ricoh devices, please see this KB article - Find-Me Printing (also known as Confidential Printing)

These instructions will show you how to print a document using the "
Confidential" feature on a Lexmark device.  Confidential printing is not yet available on a Ricoh device.  

There are two parts to the procedure: Printing and Releasing


Open or create your document normally.

  • In your document, go to File --> Print
  • Select the printer
  • Click on the Printer Properties under the selected printer

  • Now select the Print and Hold Tab along the top

  • Now check the box Use Print and Hold (everything on this page is greyed out until you do).
  • And then enter any 4 digit pin.  You will need this pin to release this document on the print so choose something you can easily remember like your phone extension.  (It can be different each time you send a document if you want)

  • Click OK then hit the Print button to send you document to the printer (it is not printing only being stored on the printer)

Note: The document will only be stored for a short time on the printer before it will be permanently deleted (between 4 and 24 hours)


If the printer has a large touch screen display on it (copier or MFP) please skip to the instructions below "For Newer Copiers (MFP)"

For Normal Printers (Black and white and Color)

  • At the printer, press the down arrow on the menu button to select Held Jobs on the display screen
  • Press the Check mark in the center of the menu buttons
  • Hit he Check mark again to select Confidential Print

  • Use the up and down arrow to select your document (probably be the only document listed) and then press the CheckCheck mark button when you see yours
  • Now, enter your PIN using the numbered buttons on the printer

  • (Insert your special paper, or envelope stock if required)
  • You can now hit Select to print your document or delete it
  • The job will now queue up next and print normally
  • Once printed, the job is deleted from the printer’s memory automatically.



Newer Copiers (MFP and other printers with a touchscreen)

  • Touch Held Jobs icon on the touch screen

  • Touch your username for the list that comes up
  • Select Confidential Jobs
  • Enter your PIN that you entered when you sent the job. Enter it using the touch screen or the number pad on the copier
  • Touch the job you want to print
  • (Insert your special paper, or envelope stock if required)
  • Touch Print, or touch + to input the number of copies, and then touch Print

 Note: After your job prints out it is deleted for the copier’s memory.


Should you need further assistance, please contact Computer Services by phone, email or Online Request Form.

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