Q1.  I'm moving to a new department.  Will my computer and phone move with me?

Most people get pretty attached to the computer they use every day.  Their shortcuts are all set up; the wallpaper has been changed to a picture of their favorite child or pet; color schemes have been chosen etc.

These days, it is typical that when a person moves to a new job, the computer they are using goes with them.  There are exceptions (see Q2)

The same is true for phones.

Q2.  Why is my almost-ex-manager asking me to leave my computer behind?

If that computer is set up with special software that is only relevant to the position you are leaving,  the almost-ex-manager might prefer to keep the computer in place.  In that case, your new-manager should request a computer for you in the new location. 

There are ways around this...  uninstall that software from your computer (which frees up the license) so that we can install it on the computer that we put in etc.  But this can become complicated.  It's not too bad if it's just one thing that makes the computer special but if you have multiple software applications, plug-ins, add-ons etc., then suddenly, this is turning into a lot more work for multiple people - a project, almost!  In that case, it would be more efficient to leave the computer behind in the right state and for you to start your new job with a fresh computer.

Q3.  I'm taking my computer with me to my new department but there is already a computer and phone where I'm moving.  What now?

We can take those away when we bring yours.  Maybe we'll bring them back to the place you just left, to fill the gap.

Q4.  I'm moving to a new job in the same department.  Does my computer and move with me?

Same as Q1.

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