The Recycle Bin feature allows instructors to restore activities and resources that have been deleted. Activities and resources that have been deleted will stay in the Recycle bin for 72 hours (3 days) before being permanently deleted. 

To use the Recycle Bin, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

1. Turn editing on

To delete an activity or resource, editing must be turned on in with the Turn Editing on/off button in the top right of your course.

Turn Editing On

2. Select the Edit drop down menu & delete item

Once editing is turned on, you can delete a resource or activity by selecting the Edit drop-down menu and clicking delete:

select delete

3. Select Recycle Bin in Course Admin block

To access deleted items, locate the Recycle Bin in the Course Administration block (top right):

select recycle bin

4. Wait approx 1 minute

Clicking the Recycle Bin will take you to a new screen, showing all items that have been recently deleted. NOTE: it will take about a minute for deleted items to appear in the Recycle Bin and you may need to refresh the page.

recycle bin

5. Click Restore to recover

To restore an item in the Recycle Bin, click Restore. The item will automatically be returned to its original location. 

Restore item

6. Click Delete + confirm to delete forever

To delete an item forever, click Delete:

delete item

You will be asked to confirm this operation. NOTE: Once an item has been deleted from the Recycle Bin, it cannot be restored.

deletion confirmation

Note: Items that have been in the Recycle bin for more than 72 hours (3 days) will automatically be deleted forever.


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