No one can log into the computer because they get the following error:

Background information

This problem usually happens on console computers but can also happen on staff computers as well.  We believe it is related to the sheer number of accounts on the computer. 


Removing the computer and re-adding it to the domain usually works.  in the case of a console computer, it is advisable to have Media Tech remove replace the computer.

    1. Log on to the machine with the Local Admin account.
    2. Right click on “Computer”, select Properties
    3. Click onChange Settings
    4. Click on “Change…”
    5. Click on Workgroup and name it whatever you like and click OK.  (I named it X this time)
    6. Click OK to confirm the change
    7. Enter your user name and password.  Click OK
    8. Click OK to confirm you joined the new workgroup
    9. Click OK to restart the computer
    10. After computer restarts - Right click on “Computer” and select Properties 
    11. Again click on Change Settings 
    12. Click Change again
    13. This time select Domain and type
    14. Click OK and Restart