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About RRU Reports

NOTE: RRU Reports is a custom block in Moodle

  • To add the block:
    • Turn editing on
    • In the left side hamburger menu, scroll all the way down. Look for and select the Add a block button
    • In the pop up window → select RRU Reports

Type of RRU Reports

There are three reports that can be generated for your course:

  1. Grade Distribution
  2. Course Participants
  3. Gradebook View

Once the block is added, look for it in the far right column along with the other blocks. This is what the block looks like:

rru reports block

Select one of the above reports from the drop down menu and select Go.

1. Grade Distribution Report

This report shows the current grade distribution for the course. Or, if groups have been set up in your course, you can select a specific group.

In the drop down menu, select View Entire Course or a group and select Go.

view entire course

It will generate an chart like the one below:

grade graph

2. Course Participants Report

This report will show the bio, a profile picture, any descriptions and a course history for participants.

course participants

3. Gradebook View Report

This view will show the gradebook configuration and weights for graded activities and grade items. Moodle will use these weights to calculate the grades in your course.

Please ensure that these weights also match the weights on the course's assessment matrix page.

gradebook report

Note: Hidden items will also show in the table. They will not be greyed out.