This Confluence article is beneficial when Adobe applications crash as you are opening the software. 
This may also beneficial for customers experiencing a crash after upgrading or exchanging license.

Please note, you will need customers desktop password and internet access.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Close out all adobe applications, verify ALL residue has been close via terminal 

  2. Click the "Go" tab and scroll down the list to "Go To Folder", type "~/library" Click "Go"

  3. click "Application Support" and right-click "Adobe", Click "Get Info"

  4. A new window will appear, navigate to the bottom on the list Click ">Sharing & Permissons" 

  5. The list will extend, unlock the "Sharing & Permissons" selection by clicking the Lock symbol 

  6. Enter the password of the desktop, and click "Ok"

  7. Click the + icon in the bottom left hand corner 

  8. Select "HelpDeskAdmin", in the Privileges column click "Read Only" and change it to "Read & Write" and exit the window

  9. Double click Adobe folder (Library/Application Support/Adobe) use the search bar to delete file named "Operating config", Close window 

  10. Use the following link to download Adobe-licensing-toolkit (

  11. Once download is complete, move file to desktop for easy access. Open "Terminal" drag and drop the file, and type " --deactivate"

    The script should look similar to this "/Users/helpdeskadmin/Desktop/adobe-licensing-toolkit --deactivate"
    Alternative scripts- "sudo adobe-licensing-toolkit --deactivate" Or "/Users/helpdeskadmin/Desktop/adobe-licensing-toolkit --l"

  12. If done correctly Terminal will respond with : 

    Adobe Licensing Toolkit (
    Operation Complete

  13. Load software once again. If crash is persistent, contact Adobe IT support "".