As an RRU student you have two distinct online accounts. 

Your Lifelong Learning account (MyAdmin)

Your Lifelong Learning (MyAdmin) account provides access to a self-serve website providing many administrative services you may require during your lifetime as an applicant, a student and an alumnus.

This persistent, lifelong account is the account you created when you applied and uses your personal email address as your login. If you need help creating your Lifelong Learning account, see the Related Articles below.

See more detailed information on your Life Long Learning account.

Your Academic account (Moodle/MyRRU)

This account is automatically created when you are registered to a program at RRU.  It consists of a username (which is usually your first initial and your last name, but may contain a number in front of your last name).  You will require this Academic Account in order to access MyRRU, Online Courses (Moodle), Files and Folders, Webmail, Online Library Resources and, while on campus, Computers that have access to printers and the Internet.

  • Once you are Registered as an RRU student, you will receive an email to 'activate' your new RRU Academic account. 
    • If you have not yet received such an email, please check the Junk Mail and/or SPAM folders in your email program first to ensure that it hasn't been improperly identified by your mail client.
    • If you cannot find your 'account activation' information, please contact Computer Services by phone, email or Online Request Form.

See more detailed information on your Academic account

See this article for information on all the different RRU accounts you can have while a student at RRU.