Are you new on campus or have you just moved to another building and are wondering how you can connect to that printer down the hall?  Did you just get a new computer?

Adding a Printer:

  1. Click the start button  in the lower left corner of your desktop
  2. In the Search programs and files field at the bottom of the menu, type: \\eros and press enter
  3. This will open a new Windows Explorer window with around 70 printers!  From the list of printers, double-click on the icon for the printer that you want to connect to.  (Note: Printer names is also their physical location. If you are unsure the name of the printer you want, ask one of your co-workers or look at the printers installed on their computer).
  4. (If you want more information on those printers, click View --> Details.  This will give you a list of printers and what type of printers (black & white, colour, copier, etc.).  They are in alphabetical order, by location.)
  5. You may be asked if you want Windows to set up the printer… If so, please click Install Driver.
  6. When the installation is done, a print queue window will open…  
    • If you want this printer to be default:
      • Click on Printer --> Set as Default Printer
    • If you do not want this printer to be default:
      • You don’t need to do anything with this window, just close it.
  7. If you want to add another printer, then simply double-click on another printer

If you have any problems printing, go to Start --> Devices and Printers.  Simply select the printer you are experiencing issues with and press the delete key.  Confirm you want to delete it then reboot and follow the above steps to re-add the printer.

Setting up a Default Printer:

A default printer is the printer that is selected by default when you want to print.  If you want to the print to a different printer you just need to select it in the drop down list.

To set the default printer:

  1. Click Start --> Devices and Printers 
  2. Right-click on the appropriate printer and select Set as Default Printer
  3. You’re done! Close the window by clicking the X in the upper right corner.

Important Note:
Colour printers should not be set as your default printer.   Nor should you print simple black & white or test/draft colour documents to a colour printer.   Colour toner is extremely expensive.   Please print on a regular black & white printer if you want a draft or test.