Do you already have a MyAdmin account?  To check, try entering your home email address, the one you might have given us when you first registered.  You can request a new password using the 'Forgot your Password?' link and if you receive an email from us, you have an account.

If you do not have a MyAdmin account, you can create one for yourself by following these instructions:

  • Go to MyAdmin
  • Click on Create an account

  • Click on Alumni or Former Student

  • Enter your Student #, Your First nameLast name, and your birth date.  Click Continue
  • Information showing existing personal email address on file and First name and Last name will be listed - you can change your email address here if you want but please note that this will update your email address on all systems.
  • Please enter a password, then click Continue
  • Security Questions will be displayed; you must select three questions and enter the information, click Continue
  • A confirmation screen will be displayed, click Continue
  • You will now be logged out and a page to log back in will be displayed.
  • You must first click on the link in the email to activate the account before they can log in.  Please note that your \activation\ link will only work for 2 days after which time you will need to contact us directly to have the account activated manually.  If it has not been activated after 7 days, your account will be completely deleted (requiring you to start over).

Image of Activation/Confirmation Email that is Sent

What can you expect to see when you log in?