RRU maintains an RRU Groups site (also known as 'MyRRU') that allows anyone with an active RRU computer account to create and join online groups. 

Creating a group

You may like to create a group for your club or team, study group, a special interest group, communities of practice, etc. These groups are self-service, in that you can use the button on the front page to "Create a Group".

From there, you can decide what privacy options you'd like your group to have and what functionality you'd like to offer your group participants. Some examples of functionality are: wiki pages, polls, discussion forums, etc.

Program Community Groups

Many of the programs here at Royal Roads have a Program Community Group which is a location on the RRU Groups site (also known as 'MyRRU'). These groups function a lot like Facebook 'groups' or other forms of online collaborative groups. 

Program Community Groups are maintained by the program office and are used to provide students with a central location for information related to their program. This can also include a meeting place for students to connect to other students and resources.

Missing your Program Community Group

Are you missing your Program Community Group?

If you are concerned that you are missing a group, please contact your program associate and they should be able to assist you further. Some programs do not use the RRU Groups, but if you are unsure if yours requires a 'group', please ask your Program Associate.

If you need further assistance to access your Program Community Group, submit a request for IT help on this site (and please let us know what program you are in!)