This application will convert Outlook PST folders into mbox folders so they can be accessed in Entourage.  Please note that each PST subfolder will be converted to a seperate MBOX folder and then each MBOX folder will need to be imported into Entourage seperately.

The O2M (Outlook 2 Mac) software license key needs to be purchased by Computer Services before the software will convert all the folders.  You may proceed with the installation of the application however it will only convert one folder.  The software can be downloaded directly from


  1. Double-click on the O2M installation file
  2. Click Next on the Welcome screen
  3. Accept the License Agreement and click Next
  4. Leave the Default file location and click Next
  5. Leave the default to create a Desktop icon and click Next
  6. Review the summary screen and click Install
  7. Once the installation is complete, click Finish 

Before the conversion process:

  1. Please close all Outlook windows
  2. Using Windows Explorer, please go to the following directory - C:\\Documents and Settings\\xxUSERNAMExx\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Microsoft\\Outlook\\
  3. Look for and delete the file name extend.dat (if it is listed)

(This is to prevent the Symantec Outlook Antivirus error from appearing during the conversion process)

Converting the PST folders

  1. Launch the O2M application
  2. Click on Test Drive if you are just going through a test and do not have a license key or click Unlock to enter the license key to unlock the full version
  3. The software will automatically detect any personal folders that you might have and provide a list
  4. The software will inform you when it has finished analysing the Outlook folders.  Click Next to begin.
  5. Select the top level of the Z: drive to save the files, click Next
  6. A list of Outlook Folders will be displayed, select the folders you want to convert and click Next (please note that you do not need to convert any folders that are located in your Mailbox.  Only the folders that are located in your personal or archive folders.)

  1. Choice - You can have it convert all email regardless of date (recommended) or only certain email.  Select the option you want and click Next
  2. Choice - You can save all attachments regardless of size (recommended) or only file attachments of a certain size.  Also if you skip large attachments you have the option to save those attachments seperately.  Select the option you want and click Next
  3. Choice - A list of file attachment types will be listed.  The file types listed will not be converted.  Remove the file types you WANT to be converted from the list (recommend removing .BMP, .MSG and .ZIP from the list).  Once you are satisified with the list, click Next
  4. Choice - You can choose to convert your contacts as well.  Please note that the global contact list does not need to be converted.  If you have many personal contacts, then select the contact lists you want to convert otherwise leave the selection alone and click Next
  5. Select No because you do not need to convert your calendar, all calander info is already stored on our server and will already be available in Entourage.  Click Next
  6. O2M is now ready for the conversion, click Start
  7. Once the conversion is complete, you will have a summary screen.  Click on Exit to close the confirmation window 

Importing the MBOX files and Contacts into Entourage

Since there are many different applications that this folder can be imported with, I will only describe the Entourage procedure here.  For additional procedures for other Mac mail applications please refer to the 02M Article