What is the Cloud-based Learning Tools Notification?

There are many powerful online tools in use for business and personal communication and networking. Because BC Privacy laws are strict, we wanted to provide clarification for students, faculty, and staff about the use of 3rd party/external tools to support teaching and learning.  The Cloud-based Learning Tools Notification serves to inform students and faculty, and to record student consent to use - or not use -  3rd party social media tools in their RRU course work.

For background on why this is important, please see: Cloud-based Learning Tools Notification.

For FAQs about the Cloud-based Learning Tools Notification, please see: Cloud-based Learning Tools Notification FAQ

How it works - for students

  • a pop-up window appears the first time students log in to Moodle and  students are asked to consent to the use of cloud-based learning tools to complete course requirements.
  • responses are recorded and made available for instructor reference
  • response (accept/decline) applies to all courses for the duration of the students' program (a more granular approach, say at the course or assignment level would have been too intrusive for students, and too complicated for instructors to track)
  • students may change their response by editing their profile

This is what the initial pop-up window looks like for students:

Once students respond, they will be able to view their response on their profile:

Changing Your Response

If a student wishes to change their response, they can do so by 'editing' their profile.

The option to change is at the bottom of the page for 'Other fields'. Expanding this section will reveal the drop down to select a different answer.


Changing this to 'not set' will result in the disclaimer appearing once again the next time you log into Moodle.

How it works - for instructors

If a student opts out the Program Head and Instructors of the student's In-Progress courses will receive an email notification. (Note this can also send to instructors in Program Pages with no end date)

Instructors may view the Student consent report to which students have 'opted in' or 'out' of the disclaimer. I

Under the gear icon in the top right click on More and then under Reports click on Student consent.


Students who opt out

If a student has “opted out” of an activity that requires the use of cloud-based learning/external tools, instructors must provide alternate assignments/activities that do not require the use of cloud-based learning/external tools that still allow learners to meet the learning outcomes of the assignment and course. If you need support to develop alternative assignments, please contact CTET.

  • Once students respond, they will be able to view and change their response in their profile.
  • If a student changes their response, instructors will be notified via email.

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