What's different?

For thesis/project/research paper/dissertation courses only, the RRU Grade Approver custom plugin in Moodle allows the submission of grades for students on an individual or bulk basis (multiple students) prior to the end of the course. Whereas grades for most credit courses are submitted via the Grade Approver in a batch (all students) at the end of each course and will go through an automated approval process. 

Thesis Tracking

Each program area may use different tools to track students progress. (Moodle course shells, Sharepoint, spreadsheets, or other tracking methods...)

Regardless of the process being used by the program area for managing these types of courses, all final grades for thesis/project/research paper/dissertation courses must be entered into the course shell provided in Moodle and submitted to Agresso via the ‘Send to Agresso’ button.

Approval process

Unlike regular courses, there is no ‘approval workflow’ in Moodle for thesis/project/research papers/dissertation courses.  Program areas use currently accepted processes to ‘approve’ the final thesis/project.

As per the RRU Grading Policy:

  • Thesis and major project grades must be approved by the head of an academic unit (e.g. School Director or equivalent) or designate authorized by the Dean
  • Final approved grades must be submitted to Agresso within 15 business days of the course end date

Once it has been approved, the student’s grade will be entered into the Moodle course and submitted to Agresso using the ‘Send to Agresso’ button.  An email is automatically sent notifying the registrar’s office that a grade has been entered for the student.


Unlike our other credit courses where we have an automated approval process with email reminders at various milestones, there are no email reminders sent for thesis, project, research paper, dissertation courses since these students are monitored closely by the program areas.

Handling student exceptions

Students finishing early

  • If a student completes their thesis or major project prior to the course end date, enter their final grade as a percentage into the gradebook.
  • Grade scale is F/CR: 0-69% = F; 70-100% = CR.  Entering a 0 or 100 is recommended.

For information on extensions and student withdrawals, see Grading Exceptions.

Sending grades to Agresso

  • Log in to Moodle
  • Locate the appropriate course shell
  • Go to 'Course Administration'
  • Click on 'Grades'
  • Click on 'Turn Editing on' button in the top right of the page
  • Add the final grade for the student(s) who has/have completed
  • When you are ready, click the ‘Send to Agresso’ button at the top of the gradebook
    • if you don't see the 'Send to Agresso' button,
      • ensure you've 'Turned editing on'
      • ensure you are enrolled as an instructor or program associate in the course (if you're not - contact CTET for help)


Note: The system will keep track of any grades that have already been sent to Agresso. It will only submit grades not previously submitted.

When the course ends

  • For those who have completed, send final grades for any or multiple students to Agresso using the 'Send to Agresso' button
  • For those who have not completed, leave the grade box empty until a grade is ready to be entered. For extensions, advise students to go to their MyAdmin so they can go through the thesis/project/research paper/dissertation extension process and have their extensions approved. Please note: for thesis/project/research paper/dissertation courses only, 'INC' does not need to be entered into the gradebook, it can be left empty until the student is finished.

Grade Scale

If you enter a grade that does not fit within the grade scale in Agresso, you will get an error message telling you the grade is not within the scale.

  • Grade scale is F/CR: 0-69% = F; 70-100% = CR.
  • Contact the registrar’s office to confirm the grade scale. CTET may need to help you change the grade scale if it needs adjusting.
  • Note: Grade scales are set at the beginning of a course and should be correct but occasionally, there is a discrepancy.

Grade Import to Agresso

  • Once the ‘Send to Agresso’ button has been clicked, there is no going back.  Grades are imported directly into Agresso and cannot be overwritten except by the registrar’s office.
  • Note: If you need to change a grade after it’s been submitted to Agresso, please contact the Registrar’s office to initiate a manual grade change.

Having trouble?

If you have any issues submitting grades, please contact the Registrar’s office.