When connecting to Sentinel using a remote desktop connection (RDC) you will have the following resources:

  • Full access to Outlook (including out-of-office, Address Book and Rules)
  • Outlook Archive folders
  • Additional Mailboxes in Outlook
  • O: drive files
  • Z: drive files
  • MS office and other standard software
  • EMS
  • unit4 (must add icon) here is how:  
    • Log into Sentinel
    • Right-click anywhere on your desktop, and select New then Icon
    • In the Location type \\\\rock\\AGRESSO\\agresso.lnk and click Next
    • For the name of the icon I would type unit4 and then click Finish
    • Now you have an unit4 icon on your desktop

Please note:  In order for us to meet the needs of all our users, you may see application icons as well as items in the program list that do not apply to you.  In most cases these programs will require authentication to access them or they will just not do anything if you try to open them.  Please simply ignore any icons and programs that you do not use to fulfill your daily tasks.

Logging out of Sentinel

Please note that we recommend logging out of Sentinel when you are done to free up as much resources as possible. Logging out also can be used to "reboot" our computer session.

To log out,

  • Please click on the Start Button (bottom right square)
  • No click on your name in the top left
  • Choose Sign Out