During a course, your ongoing grades for the course will be listed under the Course Administration, on the left menu, of that individual course.   
Clicking in this link shows you participation grades, assignment grades, project grades, etc.   How much detail it shows you is up to the instructor and based on how that course is broken down.  Also, a "participation" mark might be one of the last items marked and will only be available until the course is marked as complete then...
Once the course is finished, a new link will appear called Statement of grades.  This link, also in the Course administration section on the left hand side, will bring you to your MyAdmin page where your transcript will be displayed.  This mark will NOT be broken down.  If you want to find out more details on the participation at this stage, and your Grades link is no longer available, then you would need to contact your instructor that could give you more details.

Why is my Grades link missing?

This feature is enabled or disabled by the instructor.  Usually when the grades have been submitted, the Grades link is missing, replaced by the Statement of grades link.  Please contact your instructor if you would like a breakdown of your final grade.  If they need assistance they will contact Computer Services.

My instructor says that the grades were submitted but I still don't see them in the Statement of Grades.

The Instructors are the ones that start the process by  entering grades into drop boxes and clicking on the "finished grading" button in Moodle.   Once submitted, a grade approver will be alerted and required to approve course grades.  Once approved, they are automatically imported into Agresso.  Please note that once approved, the grades will be available through the Statement of Grades to the students the following day.  The whole process could take a number of days.  If it has been more then 3 days since your instructor mentioned the grades were submitted, please contact Computer Services.  Please include your course name.