The previous software (Landesk) used to connect to computers at RRU remotely is no longer available.  CSD staff now use WinVNC to connect remotely.  Most L14 and some other computer may already have the software installed.   Please look down at the system tray beside the clock and see if there is a small blue icon.


If you don’t see the small blue eye by the clock, run the following:

  • Click on Start, and paste the following command in the search/run field:
  • When it installs, there might be one or two “Let this program make changes to your computer...” messages
  • When the installation is finished, you might or might not get a confirmation.  Ultimately, the blue eye-con should appear in the system tray by the time signifying the software is installed and waiting for a connection


When CSD staff want to connect to your computer:

  • You will see a prompt.  Please click on Accept to allow the connection.
  • When connected the eye-con will turn yellow.  When the connection is terminated, the eye-con will go back to blue.

Please note that you will be prompted each time someone wants to connect.  You only need to install the software once, but will be prompted to accept the connection each time.  CSD will not connect to your computer without first contacting you or making previous arrangements.