Our “old” wireless environment will exist on campus until the network upgrade project has been completed.  If you are in one of the buildings not listed below and are looking for information about the wireless there - which might be referred to as "the new wireless" - please refer to this page.

If you are looking for information about the "old" wireless, you're in the right place.

We are pleased to offer free wireless connectivity for Internet access. In order to use the wireless service, you will need to have a wireless network device - Laptop, mobile device, etc... (check to ensure that your settings are enabled).

The name of the wireless network is RRU Wireless and it is wide open - no log in is required.

Wireless coverage on campus:

  • All areas inside the Library
  • All areas inside of the Grant Building, including the Cafeteria.
  • All areas inside the Learning and Innovation Centre (LIC)
  • All areas inside the Recreation Centre, Mews, and the courtyard outside (may be already affected by the new wireless in the CESIP building)
  • All areas of Arbutus, and the picnic tables nearby
  • All areas inside the Cedar building
  • All Residence areas in Millward and Nixon
  • Courtyard in front of the security office
  • All Nixon lecture and breakout rooms
  • The paved area between Nixon and Grant
  • The lawn area between Nixon and the Castle
  • All areas inside the Castle
  • All areas inside the Rose Cottage
  • All faculty residences (not available in all rooms in House 10)

Please note:
All residence rooms are also equipped with wall ports to which you can connect your own computer via a network cable. We recommend using this connection should you wish a more secure connection. For more information please visit our page on your internet connection while in residence.

The wireless service does not connect to the RRU internal network. If you wish to print or access files on the RRU network, you will need to log into an RRU computer in one of the many computer labs on campus.


We are a proud member of the Eduroam community. If you travel frequently to or from other institutions, you may be interested in our Eduroam implementation, allowing use of wireless networks at partnering institutions. You can read more about it here.

Please connect to eduroam (not Eduroam.)