Legal name change

If you have had a legal name change and would like this name reflected on all documents at Royal Roads University, please contact Human Resources via this online form to start the process.

This also includes a change to your preferred name, even though this is not necessarily a legal name change.

Please note that your RRU Computer Account is created based on your preferred name and your last name.  This username cannot be changed unless an official name change is requested.

Name spelled wrong in CAMP - CAMP account just created

If the name is incorrect, a specific time will need to be arranged for those records to be recreated, necessitating quite a feat of coordination between all those departments and the new person. The fastest way to fix this, if you notice it right away, is to Terminate the new account (change the termination date on the new account to today) and then Creating a new request. 

  1. Edit the CAMP account with the incorrect spelling
  2. Change the personal email address to something else, anything (required so the email address can be used for the new account)
  3. Change the termination date to today
  4. Save
  5. Create new CAMP account as you did previously.

Name spelled wrong in CAMP - CAMP account has existed for more than 2 days

Please contact Computer services by phone or Online Request Form and we will begin the name change procedure.  

The name change procedure itself can take a number of hours, and will require the affected customer to stay out of their account from the time we begin until 6:30pm that evening.  Computer Services will coordinate a convenient time with the customer.

Change how your name is displayed in Email

The computer system automatically generates the email address and display name using "title case" (first letter of each word is capitalized).

If you would like your email address or display name to reflect alternative capitalization (i.e. deBeer, McGruber), then please contact Computer Services by Online Request Form.  Please note that this request is only to change the capitalization.  Special characters are not allowed. Also, if your name has a number in it, this is required by our system and cannot be removed.