In order to connect to Remote Desktop Connection using a mobile device like an iPad, iPhone or android tablet or phone, you must have an RDC app.  Although there are many apps available, we recommend the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. (iOS, Android)

(Please note that Microsoft released a new version for iOS. You may need to delete the old icon and re-install the app to get the newest version.  The app did not update automatically on the iPad.  The new app features a dark black background with red characters)

Once the app is downloaded and installed, you need to configure it to connect to Sentinel

  • Create a new connection by clicking on the + and selecting Add PC
  • PC Name is
  • If your mobile device is not shared, you may click on User Account → Add User Account (ie. RRU account)
  • Enter your Username as is instructional\username
  • Enter your RRU Password if you want
  • You can enter a name for this user account by clicking on Friendly Name
  • Click Save (to save your account info)
  • Click Back (<)
  • Again, you can enter a Friendly Name for this connection (ie. RRU)
  • Click Save (to save the new connection)
  • Once you are done, click on the tile to connect to RRU

Once you are on the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC), you have direct access to almost all that you would normally have access to while sitting at a computer on campus.  For a complete list of resources available please see this article.

Some people have reported that when connecting for the first time, the mobile device may ask to confirm a security certificate for Royal Roads.  This is safe and recommended.