Note: These instructions are for Ricoh devices.  For Lexmark devices, please see this KB article - Print a Confidential Print Job - Lexmark devices

What is Find-Me Printing?

When a user submits a print job to the “Find-Me Printer” queue they can “release” that print job at any Ricoh MFDs (Multi Function Devices – Multi Function Printer or Copier) in the organization.

Tangentially, rolling out Find-Me Printing also implements Secure Print Release because users must now be physically present at a copier or printer in order to release their print job. This has the benefit of helping organizations reduce paper waste and helps prevent a common data-leakage scenario where sensitive documents are left on the tray of a printer because of forgetfulness, software bug, or printer jam.

A Find-Me printer can go by a lot of other names, like “Find-Me Print Queue”, “Virtual Queue”, “Global Queue”, or “Pull Printer”.


How to set up “Find-Me Printing” on your computer

  1. Click on Start button and start typing \\eros (once you start typing, the search box will show up) and hit Enter.
    Or, click on Search button and type \\eros and hit Enter.

  2. “eros” window appears and shows many printers > Find and double-click “FindMePrinter” > “FindMePrinter” queue will be installed on your computer > Close “eros” and “FindMePrinter on eros” windows

  3. Open your file you would like to find-me print > File > Print > Drop down choose “FindMePrinter on Eros” from the Printer list > click Print

  4. Login to a Ricoh MFD (Multi Function Device, copier or printer) that you would like to release your print job from > Push “Print All” to print all > or Push “Print release” button to select your print job to release from the list > push “Print”

  5. Print jobs will be held for 8 hours before being deleted. 

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