Adding/editing links applies to any Moodle content (e.g., html pages or books), including your schedule, readings list, etc.

Start off by highlighting the section of text that you'd like to add/edit the link. People using screen readers will mainly rely on the linked text to give them information about the link, so do not use "click here".

Click on the link button (shown below) in the text editor

A pop-up window for your link will appear

Enter the link URL you'd like to add/edit:

i. Internal Moodle page:

internal link

ii. Or, external link:

Choose how you'd like the link to be displayed:

  • If it's an Internal Link within your Moodle course, please uncheck Open in this window
  • If it's an External Link outside your Moodle course, please check off Open in new window

i. An internal Moodle page opens in the same window:

open in same window

ii. Or, an external link opens in a new window:

open in new window

Click on Create Link to save your changes.

create link button

Lastly, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Save and display to view your new link

Click somewhere in the linked text–no need to select it all–and click the link button. Editing the link is similar to creating the link, as shown above.


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