Course compile allows you to compile specific parts of a course either to your screen or to a PDF file. You are able to pick and choose which parts of the course you’d like to compile.

For information on saving course content, including documents, assignment submissions, and other personal contributions such as forum posts, please refer to this article on saving your coursework.

Here are some examples of why you might want to use course compile:

  • Combine every part of the course that lists assignment descriptions
  • Print off a schedule
  • Combine all readings into a single document
  • View course materials offline

Use course compile when you’d like to consolidate resources from the course into a single file.

There are some potential downsides to using course compile that you should be aware of:

  • This course compile represents a snapshot of the course components at the present, while the course is dynamic and may receive updates after the course compile.
  • Activities and resources that have access restricted will not be included in the compile (e.g., a section may not be available until a certain time).
  • All files, such as Word, PDF, or PowerPoint, will not be included in the compile.
  • User generated data such as forum posts will not be included in the compile.
  • Course compile does not include content in Moodle lesson activities.

Course Compile Steps:

  1. Navigate to the main course page of the course that you would like to do a course compile of.

  2. Click the gear icongear icon on the top right of the screen to open the Administration menu:

    edit cog

  3. Click on Compile in the Administration menu:
    select compile
  4. Select the course components that you would like to have included in your course compile by ticking the boxes. Note that you can click Select: None at the top to start with all the boxes un-ticked if you'd only like to select a few items.
  5. Click either the Compile to Screen or the Compile to PDF button.
    compile type


When trying to compile a course, you may receive the following error: 'Course Compile: DML Exception ERROR: Mixed types of sql query parameters!! reading files table'. If you are an instructor and see this error you can either contact CTET Studio for support or fix the course yourself, and here's how to fix it:

Check the URLs of all images in the course and if any of them have '?time=1603233021922' appended to the end (the number will vary) then remove it. The course compile plugin is unable to process images with this included in the URL.