About Reports

Reports are a useful way for you to track your students' progress through your course. You are able to generate reports that track which Moodle activities and resources your students have viewed or list what activities need to be completed.

The Moodle logs, which are used to generate some of these reports, are retained for 120 days.

NOTE: Students on the main RRU Moodle server are able to save learning materials to PDF for offline viewing using the course compile feature, so students may spend time with course resources offline, which will not be visible in the reports.

There are multiple types of Reports available:

  • Logs
  • Live logs
  • Activity report
  • Course Participation
  • Student consent

To access reports, click the gear icon edit cogon the top right of the screen to open the Administration menu:

edit cog top of screen

This will open the course administration menu. Select the last option: More

more options

This will take you to the Course Administration page. Look for the section labeled Reports. From here, you can choose to view Logs, Live logs, Activity Reports, Course participation, or Student consent

report logs



Moodle logs course activity for all course participants. You can generate a report based on a number or variables chosen from the Log pull-down menus:

  • the course name
  • all participants or an individual student
  • all dates or a particular date
  • all activities or just one activity
  • all actions or just one type of action

log options

Once you have chosen the options from the pull-down menus, click on the Get these logs button to generate the report.

You can now see at a glance when a student last visited the course, and what actions were performed.

A few things to note about logs:

  • While you can see when a student viewed a resource, such as a page or book, you cannot tell if they actually read or engaged with the material.
  • Logs can be useful if a student is not participating in the course (for example, not posting to a forum) and you want to see if that student has visited the course site.
  • Course logs are kept for a limited time, so you may not be able to check student activity for the entire run of the course.

Live logs

Clicking on Live logs shows course activity as it's happening, updated every 60 seconds.

live logs

Activity Report

If you want to see how often the various course activities have been accessed by all course participants, then use the Activity report.

This report lists all of the course activities, how often that activity was viewed, and when it was last accessed.
activity report

Course Participation

A Course Participation report for a particular activity can be generated. Choose from a number of variables:

  • the Activity module you want to review
  • Look back - how far you want to look back (days or weeks)
  • Show only - the role to review
  • Show actions - post or view

Once you have chosen the variables, click Go to generate the report.

course participation

The settings above would allow you to see what students viewed the Week 1 Class Discussion in the last five days.

The output of this report tells us that Laura Learner has viewed it while Will Power has not:

report output

Student consent

Student consent indicates whether there are any students who have not consented to using Cloud-Based Learning sites. This is currently only available on the main RRU Moodle server.

Individual Activity Reports

Individual activity reports generate various reports on a single course participant.

Navigate to Participants via the Navigation drawer. Note that the navigation drawer may be closed. To open it, click the hamburger button. 


Click on the name of the student you wish to view individual reports on:

student list

In this example, after clicking on Laura Learner's name, we see a number of different options for viewing reports on Laura's participation in the course:

Today's Logs

Today's logs shows student activity in the current day. Below the chart, but not shown here, will be a detailed listing of each hit on the course site.

All Logs

All logs shows student activity over the duration of the course. Below the chart, but not shown here, will be a detailed listing of each hit on the course site.

Outline Report

Outline report shows an overview of student activity in course activities and resources.

outline report

Complete report

Complete report will show all activity from this student in detail, including submissions and forum posts. This is convenient way to quickly review a student's forum posts.

complete report


This is the same grade report that students are usually able to see of themselves.

grade report

Activity & Course Completion

If Course completion and Activity completion have been enabled in your course then you will be able to generate these reports, as well.

Activity completion allows the you to set completion criteria in a specific activity's settings. A check (tick) appears next to the activity when the student meets this criteria. The criterion might be viewing, receiving a certain score or a student marking the activity as complete. The activity completion report generates a table that indicates what activities have been completed by each the student. 

In the example below, you can see which students have completed 2 course activities.

activity completion

Course completion shows if a course has been completed. It can show the progress a student is making towards finishing the course according to specific criteria set-up in the course activities. The criteria can include meeting an activity's grade level or a manual checking complete by either the student and/or instructor. The table generated by the course completion report indicates the activities that have been completed towards course completion.

In the example below you can see which students have completed one of the course activities and whether they have completed the course.

course completion


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