When you are logged in to RRU's Moodle site you have been assigned a Role (e.g. student, instructor, CTET admin, program associate, etc.) and each role has been assigned certain permissions. Your role and its permissions determines your capabilities in Moodle. For example, if you are in the student role you do not have permission to edit a forum, but you do have permission to post in a forum.

There are three commonly used instructor roles: instructor, non-editing instructor, and course instructor. If you can access your course, but cannot edit resources and activities then you are in a non-editing instructor role. Instructors and students must also be enrolled in their courses. Students are enrolled automatically when they are registered in a course. Instructors are enrolled by CTET or their program office.

School directors, program heads, program associates and librarians have their own roles and have been assigned access to Moodle at the course category level. This means that they are not enrolled directly in a course, so their names will not appear in course participant lists or the Online user block.

Enrolling Instructors

Program associates have the ability to enrol instructors into courses in their program area. Only the instructor of a course can be enrolled in the course. If you want to enrol a guest into a course, you will need permission of the students; this includes enrolling an instructor into a course that has finished.

To enrol an instructor in a course, click on Participants in the Navigation Drawer.


Click Enrol users in the top right.

enroll users

In the Enrol users window, follow these steps to enrol a user in the course:

1. Select the role you wish to assign to the user/s.

NOTE! Students in credit courses are only enrolled through the automatic enrolment system and should not be manually enrolled here.

\assign role

2. Search for the user/s and select the user/s. It's best to search for participants with their email addresses to ensure that you are enrolling the correct participants, as multiple people can have the same name but email addresses are unique.

select user

3. With the correct user/s selected, select the Enrol users button.

enrol users


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