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In order to connect to Remote Desktop Connection using a mobile device like an iPad, iPhone or android tablet or phone, you must have an RDC app.  Although there are many apps available, we recommend the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. (iOS, Android)

You must have enrolled in Multi-Factor Authentication before you can connect to

Step 1: (First time) Configuration

 Configure the New Remote Desktop Connection the first time

Once the app is downloaded (iOSAndroid) and installed, you need to configure it to connect to the 

  • Open the RD Connection app
  • Create a new connection by clicking on the + and selecting Add PC
  • PC Name is
  • User account should say Ask When Required 
  • You can enter a name for this user account by clicking on Friendly Name if you want
  • Under the Gateway section choose 
  • Make sure sure Bypass for Local Addresses is Enabled (red)
  • Click Save
  • Now continue with the instructions below to log into the remote desktop connection

Step 2: Connecting

 Connecting to

Once the connection has been configured

  • Open the RD Connection app
  • Click on the (or whatever name you called it) connection tile
  • A screen will pop up showing your username and password field.  Please make sure that your username is either your RRU username or Instructional\RRU Username.  If it is another username, then click on the Use Another Account button and enter the proper RRU credentials (Instructional\username and RRU password)
  • You should receive a phone call or prompt on your authorized device within a few seconds, follow the prompts to authenticate
  • Once authenticated, the computer will log into remote.royalroads,ca

Some people have reported that when connecting for the first time, the mobile device may ask to confirm a security certificate for Royal Roads.  This is safe and recommended.

Step 3: (First Time) Office Setup

 How to Log into Office 365

As always, when logging into a new computer, you will need to log into your Office products the first time:

  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. You should be prompted to enter a Username. Please enter your Royal Roads Office 365 username which is in the format (ie. and click Next
  3. The window will change and you should see the Royal Roads logo. Enter your RRU Computer Account password and hit Next
  4. After a brief setup, you should get two confirmations that Office has been setup
  5. You can close Word
  6. Open Outlook
  7. Make sure your full email address ( is listed, press Next
  8. Outlook should open with your email account. Please allow up to 30 minutes for all emails, additional mailboxes and calendar appointments to appear

Please look at the New Remote Desktop Connection FAQ if you have and questions.  Also please contact us (see Get help on the right side of this page) should you need assistance.