Rogers, Fido and Freedom are experiencing a major outage affecting many customers all across Canada.  If you look at your phone and you do not see any cellphone “bars” to signify a signal, then you are affected.

Data and voice calls are affected.

Please note that if you are an iPhone user, you can get around this to text other iPhone users as long as you are both on Wifi.

When I am aware the issue is resolved, I will update the Computer Services Support page.  For more up to date information I recommend monitoring the Rogers or Fido home pages, or monitor the Rogers Twitter feed.

RRU office phone issue

We are aware of an ongoing issue with RRU office phones going directly to voice mail instead of ringing.  Thank you for your patience while we work to find a resolution.

If you are not receiving email from RRU and you are using, or, add RRU to the safe sender's list and check your junk folders frequently. Click in for more details.From time to time, Microsoft believes RRU is sending SPAM because of a high volume of mail coming from RRU due to:

  • a new round of compromised email accounts sending SPAM
  • a large number of (legitimate) emails coming through Moodle courses to and
  • one or more (legitimate) large mail outs to students from RRU 

Because Microsoft believes were are sending SPAM, they have taken a number of actions, including:

  • sometimes imposes a rate limit on mail coming from RRU (a cap on the number of emails accepted and processed by the mail servers in a particular period of time)
  • blocking RRU mail as spam (preventing email from getting to the recipient completely - this includes password reset emails and account activation emails)
  • filtering RRU email as spam (moving most RRU email into the Junk mail folder)

There are no changes that RRU can make to solve this problem.

We strongly suggest that you add domain to the Safe Sender's list in your account.  This has been known to help reassure Microsoft that mail from us is legitimate and will prevent RRU email from going into your SPAM folder.

If you are concerned you are missing an email, please check your Junk Email folders.  If you do not find the email you are missing, please contact us by phone during regular business hours and we would be please to assist you.  You can contact us at (250) 391-2659, or toll free at (866) 808-5429.  For fastest assistance please be prepared to provide us with the name of the sender, the date the email was sent and the subject of the email.  We might not be able to retrieve the email, but we can confirm if the email was sent to you or not and provide you direction on getting the missing email.