How long will the internet be unavailable?

The outage will begin at 6pm PST and will last up to 7 hours.  During this time, there will be NO internet available.

Who is affected by the upgrade?

All staff, faculty and students of RRU and even applicants, alumni and the general public, if they happen to be trying to access any web pages or services provided via internet at RRU.

What applications will be unavailable during the outage?

If you are OFF campus:  no systems/services are available. This includes Moodle, MyAdmin, webmail - any application that requires internet.

Even if you are ON campus, because so many things are connected via internet links etc., it's best to expect that no systems/services will be available to you.

This is a non-exhaustive list of systems and services that will NOT be available during the service period:

What happens with my email during the outage?

Your mailbox will be unavailable during this time. If you have your email forwarded to your home or work address your email will be held at the sender's server until our servers are available to accept the email.

We do not recommend that you send any emails during this outage as you will get an error that the server is unavailable, and it may require intervention after the internet is restored.  To be safe, we recommend waiting until the maintenance period is over before attempting to send emails.

Who can answer academic related questions?

If you have questions about how your coursework is affected by this outage, please contact the instructor of your course.

Q & A

Q: Will the phone service be down during the outage?

A:  The phones will not be impacted during the outage as the phone service uses a separate circuit