To avoid confusion and to ensure consistency in tickets related to network folder permissions, this article has been created to document the standard and non-standard instructions for granting folder access.

In General:

To request folder access, or to restrict folder access, please have the owner of the folder (or in the case of a departmental shared folder, a manager or higher from the department) contact Computer Services by email or online service request (phone calls are not accepted in this case as we do need the request to come in writing from only authorized people as identified above).

Exceptions to the rules:

Finance folders

Permissions to general finance folders would follow the procedure listed above (In General:), however there are a number of subfolders within the Finance folders that are department specific and permissions may be granted as long as the appropriate person is requesting it

We DO NOT grant permissions to "O:\Staff\finance\Contracts\ and subfolders" because this is a bit too broad

We DO grant permissions in the following situation:

  1. The manager in a department submits a ticket to Helpdesk asking for a staff member (Jane) to have access to a specific folder, naming it out specifically, like so:
    • O:\Staff\finance\Contracts\Private\FSAS (300-, 400-, 600-, 700-, 800- & 900-0000)\ and subfolders
    • O:\Staff\finance\Contracts\Private\AF and Non-Academic\Contracts Resources\ContractControlRegisters\ and subfolders
    • O:\Staff\finance\Contracts\Private\FoM (500-0000, 599-0000 & CAM0000) and subfolders
    • O:\Staff\finance\Contracts\MBA-570000\ and subfolders
  2. We look up Jane and see that she is in fact in the department referenced and that she does report to the manager who is asking for access.
  3. We provide permissions for Jane, let her know and close the ticket.

As long as the correct manager is asking for the permission and the folder name is clearly connected to that manager, we should be good to go.