How do I connect to a Collaborate session?

There should be a link in your course that will bring you directly to the meeting room. This link can be located on the main page of the course, or could be in a particular page in one of your units. You need to use the specific link to join the meeting. Please contact your instructor or a classmate if you are unable to find the link. You will be required to download a launcher. If you cannot, here are the direct links to the launcher: Windows and Mac.

Collaborate link as it appears in the course

Always click on the Join Session button to enter a Collaborate session. The "collab" session file that is generated to allow you to join the session can change and may not work in the future for the same session.

Collaborate join session button


Software support for this product is offered free directly from the Blackboard Collaborate Support Team. However we have found that most issues can be resolved by clearing your browser cache and making sure you have the latest version of Java installed. Also, make sure that Blackboard Collaborate is not experiencing an outage by visiting this web page.

If that did not resolve your issue, please check out the following pages for additional support options:


Why is my Upcoming events block filled with Collaborate sessions?

Instructors can see all the rooms. However, students only see the class Collaborate Room and their team rooms in the Upcoming Events block. Collaborate rooms are an activity and activities can not be removed from the calendar at this time.

I am unable to connect to Blackboard Collaborate using my Mac computer

Please see this page for Blackboard Collaborate issues using a Mac.

I am unable to view a Blackboard Collaborate recording on my Mobile Device

The Blackboard Collaborate mobile app does not currently have the ability to play back a recording. Please use a PC for playing back a recording.

I am unable to view a Blackboard Collaborate recording on my PC

The session recordings do not appear immediately.  Please allow a few hours for the sessions to be processed and then uploaded for playback.

Please note that due to limited space, all recordings are deleted at the end of the course.

Blackboard Collaborate uses Java so it is important that Java is up-to-date. 

Also when connecting to Collaborate or playing a recording, it is possible that you will get a warning for your firewall, or a Java warning like the one below:

It is very important that you always "Allow" or "Don't Block".  Blocking the application will prevent the collaborate sessions/recording from running.

Note that in some cases the Java warning above can be hidden behind the collaborate window.

I can't find my recordings

Ensure that the recording has been stopped and that everyone has left the session. Recordings may take up to 8 hours to show up.  If it does not show up, please contact Computer Services by phone (2659), email or Online Request Form and we will open a ticket for the Moodle team to investigate.

I can't find the Join Session button

If you don't see the button, the room may not be open yet. Change the start date to open the session and the Join Session button will show up at the top of the page.

I can't create a Moodle room for more than a year

Moodle rooms created using the Collaborate activity in Moodle can only be active for up to a year. If you need a Collaborate room for longer then a year there are two solutions:

  1. Create more than one Collaborate room to cover the time span needed
  2. Contact CTET STUDIO (extension #4465) to have an external Collaborate session created that can be active for more than a year

I am unable to connect to a Collaborate session on Windows 10

Typically you'll get asked what application to use to open a Collaborate file, and there are no applications available. And if you try to install the launcher you get an error saying the file is corrupt.

To fix this:

  1. instead of trying to "run" the file in the browser once it is downloaded, go to the download directory in Windows explorer and run it directly from there. 
  2. Windows will give a big warning preventing you from running the file; but if you click on "more info" you'll see an option to "run anyway". 

If you do it this way, you'll be able to open and install the launcher, and then join the session when you want to.

I am unable to hear anyone when I press the talk button

In the Collaborate speaker settings (Tools --> Audio --> Speaker Settings) you can Mute the speaker when pressing "talk". This is used to prevent audio feedback loops. It is more important when using a computer with external speakers so that when you talk, your voice won't feedback into the mic.

You need to make sure there is no check-mark in that box in order to hear people when you press the talk button.