This article will show you how to share a Collaborate Ultra recording. Anyone you share this link with will be able to access the recording, even if they're not in the course. If you're sharing a group recording please ensure that you have consent from all group members before sharing the recording.

Recordings Made From A Collaborate Ultra Activity In Moodle


  1. In Moodle, navigate to the Collaborate Ultra activity and click on the recordings link in the recordings table for the recording you would like to share.

  2. Once you've navigated to the recording, copy the link from the page while the recording is still loading and share it as needed. Once the page is fully loaded the link will change and will no longer work, so the link must be copied while the page is loading, and will look similar in format to the URL shown below.

Recordings Made From An External Collaborate Ultra Activity

This is mainly for CTET staff and anyone else with a Blackboard account.

There are two ways to get a link to the external recording.

1. Log in to the email account for the Blackboard account for the Collaborate Ultra session where the recording was made and search for 'Blackboard Collaborate Recording Creation' with the link to the correct recording.

2. Alternatively, you can do the following:

  • Login to the Collaborate Ultra SAS with the same user that the external session was created with.
  • Click on Recordings on the left.
  • If the recording doesn't appear, click on Filter by and Sessions in range to find the recording.
  • Once the recording has been found, right click on recording and click Copy link address.
  • Paste the link into a text editor and reformat the link so that it is similar to the link shown below. Keep everything past the last slash but replace everything before it. Once you're reformatted the link this way it will work for others without them needing to log in.


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