Use this setup if you have your own laptop or computer at home and wish to receive your RRU e-mail using your Outlook program on your Windows computer. 

Disabled for students by default

By default access to this services is disabled for students.  Please Contact Computer Services to activate this service.

Shared Mailbox not available remotely

Please note that shared mailbox are not available remotely through mail apps. To access a shared mailbox while off campus, please use Webmail (students/staff/faculty) or Sentinel (staff/faculty only) .

A few things to note before you proceed:

  • You must have forwarding turned OFF to be able to see email on the server.
  • Staff and Faculty (only) will also see all Online Archive folder as well as any shared mailboxes that you have permission to 

You will need to know the following information:

  • Your Academic Account Username (the username you use to log into Moodle)
  • Your Academic Account Password (the password you use to log into Moodle)
  • Your RRU Email Address

If you are not sure of this information, please contact Computer Services.  During regular business hours, please contact Computer Services by phone otherwise, you can contact us by email or Online Request Form.

Configuration Procedure

  1. Turn forwarding OFF 
  2. Close Outlook
  3. Open your Windows Control Panel (In Windows 7 and earlier - select it from the start menu, for Windows 8 - Right-click on the Start box and select Control Panel)
  4. Click on Mail (32 bit)Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2013) (32 bit) 
  5. Click on Email Accounts
  6. Click the Add button
  7. Enter the following information and press Next
    • Your full name as you want it to be displayed in your email
    • Your RRU email address (including the number if you have one)
    • Your RRU Academic Account password (twice)
  8. Allow a few minutes for the configuration to work
  9. Microsoft will ask for your network credentials.  The default account will be using your email address, but you need to click on Use Another Account and then enter the following information and click OK:
    • For Username type  - Instructional\[Your Academic Account username]
    • For Password - enter your Academic Account Password 
    • Select the option Remember my credentials
  10. Again, allow a few minutes for the configuration to work
  11. At this point the application will confirm the settings.  You want to see all check marks in the configuration screen
  12. Click the finish button
  13. Click Close
  14. Click Close

You are now ready to Open Outlook.  Please allow up to 5 minutes for Outlook to open the first time. Also it can take a little bit of time to for all folders to sync.  If prompted to enter your password again, please make sure you are entering your username as instructional\[username]