SurveyMonkey is a software that allows one to design surveys, send them, and analyze the results.

There are two versions of SurveyMonkey: a free one, and an enterprise version that has been paid for by Royal Roads. The key difference is that the enterprise version stores information on a Canadian server, ensuring that Royal Roads is compliant with section 30 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

In other words, the enterprise version is prioritized for those who are sending surveys on behalf of Royal Roads, such as staff and core faculty. Students and associate faculty may be eligible to use the software provided they have the appropriate approvals.

This module covers the following subtopics:

  1. Apply for a SurveyMonkey account
  2. Activate your SurveyMonkey account

Apply for a SurveyMonkey account

  • Core Faculty: Make a request to Computer Services.
  • Staff member: Make a request to Computer Services, accompanied by an email from your manager signifying his/her approval.
  • Associate Faculty (needed for research): Obtain approval from the Research Ethics Board. Ask a Core Faculty member to make a request to Computer Services on your behalf.
  • Associate Faculty (needed for a class exercise): Make a request to the Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies (CTET). CTET will make a request to Computer Services on your behalf.
  • Student: Make a request to Computer Services, accompanied by proof from the Research Ethics Board that the software is necessary for your project.

Activate your SurveyMonkey account

Copy and paste the following link into your address bar: 1

Input your RRU username and the passphrase for getting into your computer.

Click the tab that says Create a New Account.

Review the information that will be sent about you to SurveyMonkey, and signify your consent.
Click Create an account, and give yourself a high-five – your account is created.

1 If you arrive at page that says “stale request” try copy-pasting the link, rather than clicking it. You can also try googling SurveyMonkey, opening the public SurveyMonkey webpage, then clicking