The Unit4 user runs a Browser enquiry, pulls the data they want, opens the Reports window, double-clicks on the report they want to run and it gives them an error:

There may be more than one reason that this error can occur but, when it has occurred at RRU, the reason has been that there is a carriage return in a field that is being passed to the report.

It seems that when Report Engine processes the row, it takes the carriage return as an instruction to create a new row in the dataset with the remaining data.  This creates rows that do not have the full compliment of columns, which cause the report to fail


The only solution is to find and remove the carriage returns from the data field(s).  Our users usually have a pretty good idea where to look and what to do about it.

Common fields that might contain a carriage return:

  • Addresses
  • Notes
  • Descriptions